Historically, real estate companies have done a poor job articulating WHY their firm exists, HOW they are different from other firms, and WHAT forms the substance of their services. In turn, agents fall into the same mire of commonplace messaging and services. We are changing all that.

TYLER YORK is a collective of individuals compelled by the beauty of Home, and the meaningfulness of our role as brokers--but it doesn't stop there. We are unapologetically comprised only of accomplished business professionals, each taking ownership of geographical and interest-based markets--a competitive model that ensures each TYLER YORK broker is a stand-alone expert in their field. We call this a #RealEstateSmarter model, the thesis of which is: the success of the firm is 100% predicated on the success of our brokers, not the number of our brokers--which is the industry norm. 

As brokers, we are dedicated to our personal development through coaching, training, and mentorship, as well as new, creative methods to bring value to clients through our marketing and business systems. Because each TYLER YORK broker is a specialized agent our team does not compete against one another, fostering a community of business people each pursuing the mission of their career without hesitation, and with the support of the other brokers. This is what we call a #RealEstateDifferent culture of real estate professionals that have the freedom to pursue something no one else in the company can do, and be a supportive voice into the other broker's distinctives as well. 

By limiting the number of brokers in a given market, TYLER YORK believes in developing the highest level of local expertise and market-share for each of our brokers, a model we know to bring the highest value to the consumer.